Around the world, pastors and church leaders like you want their people to encounter Jesus, grow spiritually, and experience real transformation. But as you know, this kind of transformation cannot take place outside of meeting Jesus in the pages of Scripture–the living and active Word of God.

The problem is statistics show that Bible engagement is at an all-time low. Many people have access to the Bible, but few regularly engage with it. Some find the Bible intimidating and confusing. Others simply lack the hunger for the Word and can’t see the value of reading the Bible daily.

This issue leaves many church leaders overwhelmed about what to do and concerned about what’s at stake for future generations.

The Bible is God’s Word, so why do you have to spend so much time convincing people to want to read it?

We believe this needs to change.

The Bible Engagement Project includes access to digital Bible study resources that engage all ages in daily Bible reading. Also, because we know how crucial it is for leaders to be rooted in the Word, we’ve partnered with Faithlife to include a subscription to Logos Bible Software.

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We're so excited about the new Bible study resources we’ll be using for our church. It’s all delivered on an app called Bible Engagement Project.

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