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Fasting & Prayer

For the month of October, we are coming together as a church to fast and pray! We encourage you to join us during these difficult times to seek God for a spiritual breakthrough.

Why Fast? We see fasting in the Old Testament when there needed to be a spiritual breakthrough.  Daniel fasted when he was looking for an answer from God, Esther asked Mordecai and her people to fast when the Jews were threatened and the Jews were called to fast regularly.  Both Jeremiah and Isaiah wrote about fasting. Jesus fasted (Matthew 4:2).  The Apostles prayed and fasted when they had major decisions (Acts 13:2).  Jesus taught about fasting (Matthew 6:17). When we combine fasting with reading the Word of God and prayer, the Holy Spirit moves in powerful ways in our lives and in the church.

What is Fasting? Abstaining from food for a certain period of time. You can miss one meal or a series of meals.  For example, eat dinner and then do eat until dinner the next day (basically 24-hour of fasting).  We would like for the church to participate in fasting any day within the month of February.  

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